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A Single Molecule May Be the Key to Detect and Treat Brain Injuries

Car accidents in Maricopa County, falls, physical violence, blows to the head, and participation in sports can all lead to a traumatic brain injury. A brain injury is a serious injury that requires immediate attention. Although a brain injury may seem mild, correct diagnosis and treatment is necessary to contain and minimize the damage.

Why brain injuries are difficult to diagnose

Although brain injuries, no matter how mild they appear on the surface, need immediate attention, it is difficult to detect whether or not a person may be suffering from a brain injury because:

  • Every brain injury is different.
  • The effects of a brain injury are complex and can vary depending on the person.
  • The location, severity, and cause all contribute to the effects of the injury.

To make it easier for medical professionals to identify and quantify these injuries, leading healthcare experts in health research recently announced the winner of the GE and NFL Head Health Challenge. Out of more than 400 entries from 27 different countries, the panel selected the Quantrix Corporation to receive a grant to further develop their research in high definition diagnostics.

This grant will help this organization continue to research brain injuries and how their technology can measure molecular signatures, otherwise known as biomarkers representative of a brain injury, in the blood. The technology produced by the Quantrix Corporation is particularly innovative because of its impressive abilities to measure small molecular compounds in the blood that can provide sufferers of brain injuries an earlier and more accurate assessment of their injuries.

Although this grant that was awarded to Quantrix will help them further develop their technology, they are currently working on a project that can speed up the detection and analysis of brain injuries through a simple blood test that can be done within a clinical setting or even on the sideline of a sports competition.

The effects of untreated brain injuries

Because brain injuries often have detrimental consequences, the earlier they are detected and treated the better. For example, in a recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry, brain injury sufferers have a significantly higher chance of premature death. The study monitored 218,300 patients for 40 years that had received some sort of medical attention for a brain injury. Researchers discovered that those who had survived at least six months after initially sustaining the injury were three times more likely to die prematurely than those that had never incurred a TBI.

Because brain injuries have severe and sometimes permanent consequences, it is essential that you are able to obtain the compensation and justice for a brain injury if it was incurred as the result of the negligence of another person. Consult with an attorney in your area to determine how you can asserts your legal rights for proper compensation.

Date: July 20, 2014

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