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Combat Arms Earplug Lawsuits

3M, a company that many people are aware of, also manufactures earplugs for combat. The product, called 3M Combat Arms Earplugs, is defective, and has left many veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus.

Female Soldier - 3m Earplug Lawsuit in Phoenix, AZ

The 3M Dual-Ended Combat Arms earplugs are defective because they are too short to fully and properly be placed in the soldier’s ears. This defect causes the earplugs to loosen and not seal off the delicate inner-workings of the ear. Because of this, the 3M Dual-Ended Combat Arms earplugs do not create the seal necessary to cause noise cancellation. When a soldier is involved in combat without this protection, it can result in permanent hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Making matters worse, the United States Department of Justice claims that 3M knew about this defect but failed to inform the government. This deceit has resulted in 3M agreeing to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations from the government that the company knowing sold a defective product, the dual-ended Combat Arms Earplugs.

Snyder & Wenner is dedicated to helping all clients, especially those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our country. We take 3M earplug cases on a contingency fee, meaning that we do not get paid if we are not able to collect money for you. Your case’s value depends on the severity of the injuries you have, so you need a law firm who tirelessly fights for you. While many firms simply sign up clients and then refer them out to other law firms, Snyder & Wenner is involved in each case and represents the clients ourselves.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to defective 3M Dual-Ended Combat Arms earplugs, please call us today. We will discuss your case with you and answer any questions you may have.

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