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Was Your Baby Affected Because of a Delayed C-Section? Talk to Our Lawyers!

Having a baby is one of the most joyous occasions for parents. However, equal to that joy can be the sorrow and trauma that occurs when a newborn sustains an injury during the birthing process. One thing that can be extremely detrimental to a newborn is a healthcare professional’s decision to delay performing a necessary cesarean section (C-section).

If your baby has been injured due to medical negligence such as this, we encourage you to seek help from our firm. We help you establish the cause of your baby’s injury and pursue damages to which your family is entitled.

Necessity of an Unscheduled Cesarean Section

Many women elect to deliver babies vaginally rather than via a cesarean section. However, sometimes emergencies happen during the labor or delivery process that may warrant the necessity of an unscheduled C-section.

pregnant woman

Below are some emergencies that may require immediate action.

All of the above conditions can cause long-term injuries to a newborn if the medical staff does not take action. If a necessary C-section is delayed, the baby may be harmed. Parents are invited to discuss their situation with a lawyer at our office today.

Dangers of a Delayed Cesarean Section

The dangers to a baby in the event that a necessary cesarean section is delayed vary depending upon the circumstances that warranted the emergency C-section in the first place. In some cases, though, the damage to an infant is severe.

If the emergencies mentioned above are not addressed like those listed below, the baby may suffer from brain damage that might cause conditions like cerebral palsy.

  • Fetal distress
  • Fetal hypoxia
  • Prolapse of the umbilical cord

Other injuries may also result. Breach births, for example, may increase risk of brachial plexus injuries like Erb’s palsy. In some cases, a delayed cesarean section can result in death for the mother, baby, or both.

Causes of Delayed C-Sections

Birth injuries stemming from a delayed C-section may be the fault of the doctor in charge of delivering the baby. Reasons that a C-section may be negligently delayed include the following:

  • Insurance concerns of the hospital
  • Improper diagnosis of stress signals from mother and baby
  • Understaffing at the hospital
  • A lack of communication amongst hospital staff
  • Improper monitoring of the mother and baby

If your infant suffered unnecessarily because of a healthcare professional’s inability to perform a C-section when he or she should have, the healthcare provider or hospital may be liable for any harm caused to your or your baby. In such cases, Snyder & Wenner helps establish negligence and liability through medical records, expert testimony, and more.

We’ll also help you recover damages to compensate you for your child’s injuries and current and future medical expenses. While nothing can remedy the injuries that your child has sustained because of someone else’s negligence, our attorneys can help you to recover financial compensation that can be used to help improve your child’s quality of life and pursue treatment options.

Do You Believe You Have a Case?

The team at Snyder & Wenner, P.C. has the legal knowhow and client dedication necessary to investigate injuries that may be related to a delayed C-section.

If your baby is the victim of a delayed C-section, take action immediately. To being filing a claim now, call us today at 602-224-0005 or use the online contact form to set up a consultation with a lawyer.

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