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Guarantee That Your Loved One Receives Quality Care in His or Her Nursing Home

No matter how carefully you and your family have researched nursing homes and selected the one that meets the needs of your loved one, there is always more that can be done. By helping with the transition to the nursing home and staying actively involved, you can help ensure quality care.

At Snyder & Wenner, P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona, our medical malpractice attorneys know that even the best nursing homes can have problems with care. A mistake with medication or a staffing shortage can place your relative in danger of nursing home neglect or abuse. By being involved, watching for changes, asking questions, and reporting problems, you can help ensure quality care.

  • Frequent visits are important. Frequent, unannounced visits can increase the chances that the staff will take good care of your loved one. Make sure you visit during different shifts so you can get to know all the caretakers. When we talk to jurors about nursing home neglect cases, the question most often asked is: “How often did the family visit?”
  • Be involved in care planning and activities. By taking an active role in care planning and nursing home activities, you can help ensure that your loved one’s special needs, health goals, and preferences for activities are continuously met.
  • Participate in family councils. Many nursing homes have family councils that meet to discuss current topics affecting the lives of their loved ones in a nursing home facility. If the facility does not have a family council, you can start one. Nursing home facilities cannot prevent you from doing this. Organizing monthly meetings should be a relatively easy task.
  • The family council can expand your knowledge and influence. During council meetings, you can discuss the day-to-day care of the residents and whether staff members respect nursing home residents’ rights. If you or other families suspect abuse or neglect of any kind, as council members you can present a united front and demand action immediately.

With frequent visits and active involvement in your loved one’s care, you will help your loved one and be in a position to notice and stop and signs of nursing home neglect before your relative is seriously harmed.

If you have questions about nursing home abuse or neglect, please contact the nursing home abuse lawyers at Snyder & Wenner, P.C. We are able to represent victims who have suffered catastrophic injury or wrongful death in a nursing home or assisted living setting, whether in Phoenix, Arizona or elsewhere in the country. We have the experience, dedication, and resources necessary to bring the responsible party to justice.

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