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Were You Injured Due to a Failure to Intubate? You Need to Speak to a Lawyer

In many situations, emergency room decisions and actions are made quickly. Unfortunately, significant injuries and death can result because a medical professional acts negligently when performing a delicate procedure such as an intubation, or when he or she fails to intubate the patient.

Intubation is a medical intervention whereby the doctor inserts an endotracheal tube (a breathing tube) into the airway. This allows the patient to have a secure airway so he or she can breathe. Oftentimes, however, the doctor will either fail to properly intubate the patient or will negligently decide not to intubate at all. In these scenarios, the doctor must be held responsible for his or her negligent conduct. The nurses may also be at fault for failing to suggest intubation or for failing to offer the proper medical equipment to the doctor.

When this occurs, it is imperative to demand justice and take action. At the law firm of Snyder & Wenner, P.C. in Phoenix, Arizona, our medical malpractice attorneys understand how emergency room errors can be made, and we also know how important it is to hold doctors and hospitals accountable when injury or a wrongful death occurs.

Our Phoenix medical malpractice lawyers know how to analyze a case comprehensively to find out how and when things went wrong with failure to intubate a patient. We are known for our careful investigation techniques and for handling cases that have merit when serious injury has occurred.

We know that proper intubation can often be a critical procedure between life and death. In some cases:

  • The decision to intubate is made too late.
  • The intubation is left to a medical student or other health care employee who is not qualified.
  • The intubation is not performed correctly leading to hypoxia or additional injury.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured because of an emergency room error involving failure to properly intubate, contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at Snyder & Wenner, P.C. today. We represent clients in Phoenix, throughout Arizona, and nationwide.

We also invite you to review our verdicts and settlements for more information about our experience.


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