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Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

Doctor Cutting Sterile Gauze - Hernia Mesh Lawsuits in Phoenix, AZ

If you have suffered from a hernia, there is a chance that the doctor implanted mesh to stabilize the tissue during the repair surgery. The problem, though, is that several manufacturers have produced hernia mesh products that are defective and cause even more serious injuries, including:

  • Infection
  • Severe pain
  • Bowel perforation
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Mesh migration (meaning the mesh moves)
  • Perforation of organs
  • Tissue fusion
  • Fluid formation
  • Granuloma
  • Adhesions
  • Rejection of the mesh

If you suffer from any of these complications, the doctor may have to perform additional surgery on you, called a revision. This is the only way to properly treat the defect. Unfortunately, often times the mesh causes such serious damages that revision surgery is not safe. If this occurs, the injuries may not be able to be treated.

While not all hernia mesh products are defective or dangerous, we are currently investigating claims against the following manufacturers (and products):


3DMax LightPerFix Plug
3DMaxPerFix Light Plug
MarlexSepramesh IP
(Marlex) Mesh DartSperma-Tex
Bard MeshVentralex Patch
ComposixVentralex ST Patch
Composix E/XVentralight ST
Composix L/PVentrio Patch
Composix Kugel MeshVentrio ST
Kugel Hernia PatchVisilex
Modified Kugel Patch


Proceed Surgical MeshProlene
Proceed Ventral PatchProlene 3D


Parietene DS CompositeVersatex Monofilament
Symbotex CompositeProGrip Laparoscopic Self-Fixating
Parietex Composite Ventral PatchParietex ProGrip Self Fixating
Parietex Optimized Composite (PCOx)Parietex Plug & Patch System
Parietex Optimized Composite Open Skirt (PCO OSx)Parietex Composite (PCO) Parastomal
Parietex Composite Hiatal (PCO 2H)Parietex Hydrophilic Anatomical
Parietex FoldingParietex Lightweight Monofilament
Parietex Flat SheetSurgipro



W.L. Gore

DualmeshDualmesh Plus

There are certain risk factors that may make the hernia mesh even more dangerous. These risk factors include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Use in adolescents
  • Obesity
  • History of previous hernias
  • History of surgery in the abdomen (such as c-sections, gastric bypass, and treatment for ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s Disease)
  • Accidental or intentional opening of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Acute injuries to the bowel area (such as from a car accident)
  • Multiple surgeries at the same time

Many law firms around the country advertise that they handle mesh cases, when in reality they will sign you up as a client and ship you off to another firm. At Snyder & Wenner, we handle all of our mesh cases in-house, meaning the attorneys and our staff work on every single case to prepare it for settlement.

If you or a loved one has undergone surgery using hernia mesh, please call us today to see if we can help.

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