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Have You Faced Malpractice at an Honor Health Facility?

Honor Health Hospitals includes all facilities of the Scottsdale Healthcare network, plus those of the John C. Lincoln Health network. This alliance consists of five acute care hospitals and employs 10,500 staff members. The organization serves the Phoenix metropolitan area and the Northeast Valley region.

While this healthcare system may have a solid reputation in the medical community, it also is a leader in robotic surgical procedures, which are somewhat controversial. In fact, there have been lawsuits involving the same robotic system used at Scottsdale Lincoln centers, Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Surgical System. But dangerous medical devices—for which the device manufacturer may be liable—are not the only circumstances that may indicate a hospital’s liability for your injuries.

Snyder and Wenner, PC is a law firm committed to advocating for hospital safety on the behalf of patients. Our team has been dedicated to this mission for decades, and we have assisted many patients in recovering compensation for cases involving hospital negligence and/or medical malpractice.

Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network is accountable for the quality of care provided to every patient who enters its facilities. Safe and effective treatment is a basic patient right. Snyder and Wenner, PC is ready to advocate for any patient who has received substandard care in a Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network center and suffered serious injury or illness as a result.

What Can I Do If I’ve Been Injured at an Honor Health Facility?

If you have received substandard care or were injured while receiving care at a Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network, you may be entitled to compensation. Proving hospital negligence or medical malpractice can be a complex process. It requires proving that a medical professional or staff member at the facility was negligent and that the negligence led to serious injuries and damages. Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network may be vicariously liable for its employees’ actions; thus, it may be responsible for damages.

Not all doctor or nurse errors translate directly to negligence or malpractice. If a doctor was negligent but did not cause harm, then the patient may not have a valid case. Similarly, if a patient suffered harm because of a misdiagnosis, but the doctor followed the acceptable standard of care in arriving at the diagnosis, then the doctor and healthcare network may not be liable. It is important to understand your options and the factors that will come into play in determining if you have a viable case.

Scottsdale Healthcare (Honor Health) Facilities

The healthcare network features several hospitals and other facilities throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. Below is a list of facilities in the Scottsdale Healthcare (Honor Health) Network:

  • Honor Health Osborn Medical Center – Located at 7400 E. Osborn Road
  • Honor Health Shea Medical Center – The center is located at 9003 E. Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale.
  • Honor Health Thompson Peak Hospital – Thompson Peak is a medical-surgical hospital located at 7400 E. Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale.
  • Urgent Care Plus – Locations can be found throughout the Phoenix area.
  • Piper Outpatient Surgery Center – Located on the Shea Medical Center campus.
  • Greenbaum Surgical Specialty Hospital – Greenbaum is located at 3535 N. Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale.
  • Primary Care – Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network offers seven locations for primary care physician services throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

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