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What Is Hospital Safety?

Studies show that hospitals often fail to meet our expectations for the health and safety of patients in their care.

There are many ways that hospital safety problems may result in serious injury to a patient. Hospital safety starts from the moment the patient arrives until he or she leaves. Hospital staff must require proper hygiene and hand-washing from its employees to prevent spread of dangerous germs, for example. Of course, sterile equipment is essential to avoiding spread of infection as well. But hospital safety extends beyond this to include checklists prior to surgery, good communication between all levels of hospital staff, and much more. When a hospital fails to comply with these simple safety measures, it is responsible for any injuries that result.

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Holding Hospitals Accountable for Their Medical Malpractice

Our law firm takes the most serious cases—those that involve catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Our attorneys give full attention to each case, consulting with medical experts and preparing the case for trial.

As experienced trial lawyers, we do not take chances. We test our presentations to make sure we are presenting information in an understandable, effective, and convincing way. Our verdicts and settlements demonstrate how we have helped clients obtain the compensation they need. For a free consultation, contact Snyder & Wenner, P.C. today.

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