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Did Your Baby Suffer from Lack of Oxygen or Hypoxia? Call an Attorney Today!

Oxygen is essential to the brain. Even a brief loss of oxygen can cause permanent brain damage. If a loved one has suffered brain damage and you suspect lack of oxygen (hypoxia or anoxia) caused by a doctor’s error or hospital mistake was the reason, talk to a medical malpractice lawyer at the law firm of Snyder & Wenner, P.C.

At Snyder & Wenner, P.C., we know that getting to the truth of how a medical mistake occurred is difficult. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have focused our law firm’s practice on serious injuries and wrongful death—especially injuries caused by medical negligence.

Hypoxia Can Cause Brain Damage to a Baby, Child, or Adult

Hypoxia (an oxygen deficiency) or anoxia (no oxygen) can be caused in a number of different ways. Unless quick action is taken, hypoxia can kill brain cells. When the cause is medical malpractice, our lawyers want to hear about it.

  • When a baby becomes distressed during labor or delivery, a lack of oxygen can cause cerebral palsy. A delayed C-section may be at fault. Did the doctor follow accepted standards of care?
  • A failure to diagnose a stroke and take appropriate action can stop or slow blood flow (oxygen) to the brain and cause permanent brain damage.
  • Reduced blood flow to the brain (ischemia) due to a heart attack, stroke, respiratory arrest, or cardiac arrest can cause irreversible brain damage.
  • An overdose of medication caused by emergency room error or a prescription error can result in overmedication that causes respiratory arrest or respiratory depression and loss of oxygen to the brain.

If you suspect a medical error caused hypoxia and brain damage to a loved one, contact the lawyers at Snyder & Wenner, P.C. The consultation is free, and you will have the counsel of lawyers known for their experience and success with medical malpractice cases.

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