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If an Iatrogenic Disease Has Happened to You, You Need to Speak to a Lawyer Now

Physician-caused injuries, sometimes called iatrogenic disease, are illnesses caused by medical provider’s care or advice. If you are suffering from a serious medical condition and believe it was brought on by medical negligence, we invite you to contact our firm to discuss your rights with an experienced attorney.

Understanding Physician-Caused Injuries

Some of the iatrogenic diseases that patients may acquire while in a health care facility are listed below. Patients may develop diseases like endocrine and metabolic disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, cardiovascular problems, and even contract infections in health care settings due to medical negligence.

The list of iatrogenic diseases and conditions above is not inclusive. Any disease or condition that a patient acquires as a result of a medical error may be an iatrogenic illness. Figuring out what caused the condition is important if you plan to bring a lawsuit against a negligent doctor who caused the disease or illness.

Work with an Attorney to Determine the Cause of Your Condition

Iatrogenic illnesses typically are caused by medical errors made by healthcare professionals. Below are some examples of negligence that ultimately might lead to a healthcare related disease or illness.

medical tubes

  • Administering the wrong medication or the incorrect dose
  • Surgical errors
  • Continuing treatment too long
  • Performing unnecessary treatment
  • Miscommunication among healthcare professionals
  • Transfusion errors
  • Poor hygienic practices (may cause infection)
  • Misuse of medical equipment

In some cases, iatrogenic illnesses are not foreseeable or preventable. For example, a patient may have an adverse reaction to a blood transfusion, resulting in an iatrogenic illness, despite the fact that the blood transfusion was performed correctly and the healthcare professionals took all necessary precautions.

In other situations, though, an iatrogenic illness or disease is preventable and foreseeable and would not have occurred but for the negligence or error a healthcare professional. For example, if a doctor failed to review a patient’s medical history thoroughly before prescribing a medication that would not have been prescribed had the doctor conducted a thorough review, and if the prescribed medication caused an iatrogenic illness, then the doctor may be responsible.

Safeguard Your Future – Call Snyder & Wenner, P.C. Today

If you suffered an iatrogenic disease or illness due to a healthcare provider’s negligent or irresponsible actions, seek an attorney’s help. An attorney can help prove that your condition was a result of the healthcare provider’s actions and can assist you in getting the compensation that you deserve.

At Snyder & Wenner, P.C., we know just how frustrating and scary acquiring an iatrogenic disease can be. Call us now at (602) 224-0005 or contact us online to set up a consultation with an attorney so you can review your case and start working to recover damages.

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