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Did a Physician Cause You to Have an Injury? Speak to a Phoenix, AZ Lawyer

A staggering amount of people use hospital services each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 129 million visits to the emergency room occur each year, with an additional 100 million outpatient visits. Unfortunately, those who are in need of medical care don’t always receive the treatment they deserve. In fact, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S is medical errors.

Holding a Health Care Professional Responsible under Arizona Law

In Arizona, healthcare providers are required to exercise a reasonable standard of care when treating patients. Typically, this standard is defined as what the accepted standard would be in a given situation. For example, a patient with high cholesterol may require cholesterol medication, and this may be a decision that would be accepted by the general medical community. If a doctor prescribed the wrong medicine, this may have violated the accepted standard of care.

If a healthcare provider violates the standard of care, and if the violation causes a patient harm, then the provider may be liable. Work with a lawyer in Phoenix at Snyder & Wenner, P.C. to collect and present evidence of a healthcare professional’s negligence and the damages to which you are entitled.


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