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“Surgery Selfies”: A New Low in Medicine?

surgical team selfie with patient

Surgery Selfies? Chinese doctors and nurses say “sure.”

Executives and a team of medical staff from a Chinese hospital have been sanctioned for taking group photos, called “selfies,” next to unconscious patients following surgery. Even more disturbing, is that one of the photos appears to have been taken during surgery, as two doctors are leaning over the patient with medical instruments in their hands.

What are the sanctions for this egregious offense? Three hospital executives were fired, and the other staff in the photo have been docked three months’ pay.

Surely there must be an explanation for this conduct, right? The hospital’s statement explains that the photos were taken to commemorate the last day that the operating theater was in use before it would be closed down in favor of new facilities. Perhaps next time they should try taking a picture of the staff after all surgeries are completed and the patients are removed from the room.

Date: December 23, 2014


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