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Investigation Reveals Deadly Bus Crash Caused By Tired Driver

We often take busses and trains to avoid the potential dangers of driving long distances. Perhaps we take that safety for granted. In 2013, a Greyhound bus accident forever the changed the lives of all those onboard. 

The bus was traveling from New York to Cleveland. At 1:33am, the bus slammed into the back of a tractor trailer on I-80 in Pennsylvania. The impact caused one passenger on the buss to be thrown out, onto the road. The back wheels of the bus lifted off the ground. A CNN investigation has revealed that Greyhound has not been enforcing its own rules that are intended to keep their passengers safe. 

The CNN report found that despite touting safety as its company’s priority, Greyhound did not ensure that drivers avoided deadly issues of fatigue. One such rule required drivers to stop approximately every 150 miles to check tires, to walk around the bus, and to use the stop to refresh the driver to help him or her stay alert. Despite this rule, several of Greyhound’s posted routes have no place to stop for well over 150 miles. 

This is not an isolated incident. A government study from 2012 found that 37% of all passenger bus accidents were due to driver fatigue. 5 deaths caused by bus accidents between 2010 and 2014 were also attributed to driver fatigue. 

Bus accidents and trucking accidents are on the rise. Why? Drivers are being pressured by their companies to drive longer hours in order to make more deliveries, to finish passenger routes faster, and to save money. When these bus and trucking companies put profits over safety, innocent passengers and drivers on the road will suffer. The 2013 Greyhound bus accident is just one of many examples. To find out the “100 Worst Trucking Companies” as rated by the number of accidents, click here. For more information on trucking accidents and bus accidents, and how we protect our community, click here

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